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The "Sour" hybrid base blend is a combination of various wood-aged sour beers. The idea behind it is not necessarily to create a sour beer in itself, but a basic beer that can give other blends a slightly more acidic touch.

This blend is "stung" 2 to 3 times a year and must rest for at least 3 and preferably 6 months in the bottle. The beer is filled in 75cl bottles and only when surplus comes into the store.

ABV 6% - 75cl

The zure blends

Achterkant ODE LMBK.jpg

Sour Ode LMBK

37.5cl - 6.5%

An exception within the sour family, this mixed beer is composed entirely of beers from a well-known brewery in Lembeek. It is our first mono brewery blend.

Even at a young age, the bitterness of the respective geuzes already emerges. Nice dry finish.


Sour Father

37.5cl - 7.2%

The very first mixed beer we sold in our restaurant, as well as the first successful "experiment". It is a combination of the Zure with a typical Flemish triple and a light blonde.

The result is a bitter-sour beer (think grapefruit). A balanced beer that has a refreshing effect .


Sour Pater Easy

37.5cl - 5.5%

This blend was created at the request of a number of customers who found the acidity in the Zure Pater a bit too present.

With the "Easy" we create an entry-level beer for mixed beer, by adding a minimal amount (only 10%) to a typical Flemish blond beer. Pleasant slightly bitter-sour aftertaste.


Sour Pater IPA

37.5cl - 6%

The idea to blend IPAs with our "Sour" arose on a beautiful summer evening where we thought, while enjoying crispy fresh IPAs, that adding acidity could only add authenticity.

The result is a spicy classic hopped IPA that leaves a refreshing acidity and a pleasant floral nose.


Sour Father H

37.5cl - 6%

When we drank the basic beer (blond crest) for the very first time, we were speechless for a while, mainly because of the salty aftertaste. After adding a wheat beer and our "Sour", the "H" is created.

A very complex taste with sour, bitter and salty. The acid converts the salty taste into a pleasant aftertaste.


Sour Father Q

37.5cl - 8.5%

By adding our "Sour" to a solid Quadruppel blend (3!) We wanted to emphasize the effect of the chocolate and coffee notes.
The mixed beer "Q" brings together all the flavors that were present in the origin beers into a dry finish that brings roasted malts back to the surface.

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