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50 cl - ABV 9.5% - dark

Roste Patrick was one of our first blends in 2015, then with a mixture of leftovers Guinness, Boon (sweet) Kriek & Timmermans old kriek. A strange mixture, but that was what we had in front of us at the time. The taste was a pleasant surprise, burnt notes in combination with sweet and sour. Now 5 years later we have our own basic beer Zwart, which we have further blended with Boon kriek and Hanssens Oude Kriek.

Zwart Roste Patrick

  • Store & Serve

    Storage: This blend can be drunk young and old, the younger the better the fresh sweetness comes through. Store bottles upright.

    To serve: serving temperature 7-10 ° C.

  • Taste

    A complex yet refreshing cohesion of roasted notes, sweetness and a tart touch in the aftertaste.

  • Used Beers

    Zwart base beer, Zure base beer, Boon kriek, Hanssens Oude Kriek

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