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37.5cl - ABV 6% - blond


A subtle blend of 2 IPAs together with our sour blend (Zure )


Expect a bitter-sour beer (grapefruit), with pleasant bitter overtones and a floral nose.


  • Store & Serve

    Storage: This blend should preferably be drunk young to maximize the effect of the IPA. Bottles may be stored lying or upright, 1 week before consumption place the bottle upright so that the sediment can settle.

    To serve: serving temperature 5-8 ° C.

  • Taste

    The younger, the more the IPA is still intertwined in the beer, depending on whether the beer is aged (> 6 months), the acids take over.

  • Used Beers

    Zure, Zure pater, Damme Nation, Viven Imperial IPA, XX bitter

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