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37.5cl - ABV 5.5% - blond


Our very first blend was a mixed beer consisting of 4 beers: Two sour beers and 2 blond beers. The Zure Pater ** EASY ** is a blend with mainly blond beers (90%) and a small proportion of Zure Pater ** UNCUT ** (10%)


Expect an easy drinking blond beer with a slightly acidic aftertaste.


This beer is the ideal stepping stone to sour beers, for those who want to give it a try before starting the real thing.


  • Store & Serve

    Storage: This blend should preferably be drunk young as we aim for the effect of the blond beer. The longer it is stored, the more the acid takes over. Bottles may be stored lying or upright, 1 week before consumption place the bottle upright so that the sediment can settle.

    To serve: serving temperature 5-8 ° C.

  • Taste

    The taste of a typical Flemish blond beer, slightly malty, slightly bitter and subtle yet pleasant acidity on the aftertaste.

  • Used Beers

    Zure Basisbier, Sint Bernardus extra, viven blond

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