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37.5cl - ABV 7% - blond

The most recent and slightly different member of the Zure family, during our relentless search for a refinement of our Zure basic beer, we were playing with some beers from the Boon brewery. By mixing the Boon Oude Geuze, Boon Mariage Parfait, Boon Black Lable and the mono blend 108bis, we obtained a nice bitter-sour blend with a dry finish that we thought was too good not to release separately.

The name refers to the water (eau de) of Lembeek (LMBK), but can also be regarded as an ode to Lambi (c) (k). Our very first mono brewery blend that we are very curious about what maturation will bring about.

Zure Ode LMBK

  • Store & Serve

    Storage: This mixed beer is an ideal storage beer, the years will do us good. Bottles may be stored lying or upright, 1 week before consumption place the bottle upright so that the sediment can settle.

    To serve: pouring temperature 8-12 ° C, pour carefully and leave half a centimeter of beer (with sediment) in the bottle.

  • Taste

    As with most of our blends, you also get a grapefruit-sour taste here, the difference is mainly in the slightly tart but pleasant drink. Strong dry finish.

  • Used Beers

    Boon Oude Geuze, Boon Mariage Parfait, Boon Black Label, Boon Monoblend VAT108bis

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