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75cl - ABV 6.5% - blond


While we were playing with sour cherry beers for our Wit Schaerbeek Kriek, we had a small surplus, which we finished with two stronger dark beers. The result is a slightly rounder cherry, nicely sour with an alcoholic aftertaste.


The expected release is foreseen in April 2021.

Sour Kriek

  • Store & Serve

    Storage: Bottles may be stored lying or upright, 1 week before consumption, place the bottle upright so that the sediment can settle.

    To serve: pouring temperature 7-10 ° C, pour carefully and leave half a centimeter of beer (with sediment) in the bottle.

  • Taste

    Nice sour cherry flavor that finishes nicely with the dark beers

  • Used Beers

    Zure, Sint Bernardus 12, Hanssens Schaerbeekse kriek, De Cam Oude kriek

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