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When thinking about a successor to the "Sour" we ended up with dark beers, only we were not sure which dark beer to choose. So we didn't.

"Zwart" is a mixed beer composed of Stout, Porter, Quad and Barley wine. The result is a dark hybrid blend with sweet, bitter, coffee & liquorice.

Due to the versatility in taste, we can go in many directions in the future!

ABV 10% - 50cl

the zwart blends

Balck serie.jpg
Achterkanten2 (1).jpg

Black Skreve

50cl - 12%

In the North of France and West Flanders, Picon (a bittersweet aperitif drink based on orange peels) is sometimes mixed with beer. Very often this happens with lager. Not with us, however, we use our black base blend, a tasty aperitif deserves a nice beer!

A slightly sweeter variant of the "Black", supplemented with orange zest in the background.


Black Smoked

50cl - 9%

One of our personal favorites is a balanced smoked porter. By adding these to our "Black" base beer, we want to emphasize the bitters somewhat.

It has become a "Black" blend in which the sweetness is masked by the smoke and thus emphasizes the bitter aspect of the coffee and chocolate.


Black Odd Brown

37.5cl - 8%

The initial name of this blend was "Black Sour" and that was the simple intention, to add a bit of acidity to the complexity of the "Black" base beer. When we did the first taste tests, we noticed that the balance was lost. By further blending with 2 Oud-brown variants, we obtained a nice vinous touch in the beer. Due to the combination of sour and old brown, we renamed it Black Odd (strange) Brown.

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